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Resources to help get ready for Sunday Mass, where we remember our redemption by Jesus: Mass guides, bible readings, psalms, song lists, music scores and sound files.
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Ang Aming Pakay: Mga yaman ng Litúrhiyang Tagalog | Litúrhiyang Filipino sa paghahandâ ng lingguhang pagdiriwang sa Misang Tagalog | Misang Filipino, sa Eukaristiya, ng pagliligtás ni Hesús sa atin: mga awit, salmong Tagalog, salmong Filipino, pagbasa sa Filipino | Tagalog.

Our mission: Filipino liturgy | Tagalog liturgy resources for preparing for the Tagalog Mass | Filipino Mass, the weekly celebration in the Eucharist of our redemption by Jesus: Tagalog hymns, Tagalog songs, Tagalog psalms, Tagalog readings, Filipino hymns, Filipino songs, Filipino psalms, Filipino readings, Pilipino hymns, Pilipino songs, Pilipino psalms, Pilipino readings for the Tagalog Eucharist, Filipino Eucharist.
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