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25 Hunyo - 12 Linggo sa Karaniwang Panahon
2 Hulyo - 13 Linggo sa Karaniwang Panahon
9 Hulyo - 14 Linggo sa Karaniwang Panahon
Panginoon, iyong dinggin akong iyong ginigiliw.

Pag-ibig mong walang maliw ay lagi kong sasambitin!

Diyos ko at aking Hari, pupurihin kitang lagi!

Diyosesis ng Urdaneta, Pangasinan
Diyosesis ng Urdaneta, Pangasinan

Jerome Choir, Australia
St. Jerome Choir, Perth, Australia
san gregorio boys choir
San Gregorio Boys Choir, Cubao
St. Anthony of Padua Parish, Gubat, Sorsogon
St. Anthony of Padua Parish, Gubat, Sorsogon
Memorare Music Ministry, Bacolod
Memorare Music Ministry, Bacolod
Our Lady Miraculous Medal Church,Sabang,SouthBorongan,Eastern Samar.jpg
Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Church, Sabang, South Borongan, Eastern Samar

Does Your Parish Sing?

Dear friends in the Risen Lord,

Imagine this: You’re at a baseball game, and the announcer asks everyone to stand and join in singing the national anthem, but the fellow next to you doesn’t. What goes through your mind? In the same way, choosing not to sing at Mass ought to strike us all as downright strange.

One way to understand what happens on Sunday is this: The people assembled here, all of us, sing our liturgy. The Second Vatican Council restored this ancient and authentic understanding of worship: Mass is not something we watch or hear, but something we do, all of us, by virtue of our baptism into the priesthood of Jesus Christ! And this is especially true of the music at Mass—our sung prayer.

Our celebration of First Holy Communion over the next two weeks brings to my mind a marvelous insight from an 8-year-old some years ago: He said that not singing at Mass is like going to Jesus’ birthday party but not joining in when everyone else sings “Happy Birthday.”

St. Augustine said that one of the things that convinced him to convert to Christ was the strong singing of the Alleluia that he heard coming from a church. That singing lured him in and changed his life forever. Let the same be said of our parish’s singing, of your singing! And in this glorious Easter season, the Alleluia is a good place to start.

Your brother in Christ’s word and work,

Father Al
Pastor, Immaculate Heart of Mary Church
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Naga Cathedral
Naga Cathedral


1. Rules work better when voluntarily self-imposed rather than imposed from above or outside.
2. Rules are meant for the good of the group as well as the good of the individuals.
3. Individuals freely join a group because they believe in the group's purpose.
4. The purpose of a church choir is to sing God's praises and inspire the people to sing.
5. Choir rules help the group and the members achieve the choir's purpose.
6. If a rule does not make sense, may be it does not help achieve purpose.
7. A choir should adopt rules that make sense and that serve its purpose.
8. It is best if members freely join a choir.
9. It is best if members freely follow the choir's rules.

St Peter Shrine Commonwealth 2017 Palm Sunday
St. Peter Shrine, Commonwealth, Q.C., Palm Sunday 2017
Alay Awit Chorale
Alay Awit Chorale - Diocese of Paterson, New Jersey
St John Bosco Parish Makati's grand choir
Grand Choir, St. John Bosco Parish, Makati

Si Hesús ang Kalagitnaan ng Pagsambá

Ang lahát ng pagsambá ay tungkól kay Hesús. All worship is about Jesus.

Ang buhay ni Hesús ang ginugunitâ sa buóng taón ng pagsambá. What is commemorated throughout the year of worship is the life of Jesus.

Ang Eukaristiya ay paggunitâ ng kaniyáng pagliligtás sa atin. The Eucharist is a memorial to His redemption of us.

Tuloy po kayo,
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Are you looking for Sunday's liturgy? Click on Sunday's date.

25 Hunyo - 12 Linggo sa Karaniwang Panahon
2 Hulyo - 13 Linggo sa Karaniwang Panahon
9 Hulyo - 14 Linggo sa Karaniwang Panahon

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