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Christianity without liturgy is absent of Christ, pope says.

Vatican City - The liturgy is not a spectacle to be observed but a prayerful event where Christians encounter Christ's presence in their lives, Pope Francis said. Throughout the Catholic Church's long history, people have been tempted to practice a private or "intimist Christianity" that failed to recognize the importance of the liturgy in spiritual life, the pope said Feb. 3 during his weekly general audience. However, "I would dare say that Christianity without liturgy is a Christianity without Christ," he said.

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Our mission: Filipino liturgy | Tagalog liturgy resources for preparing for the Tagalog Mass | Filipino Mass, the weekly celebration in the Eucharist of our redemption by Jesus: Tagalog hymns, Tagalog songs, Tagalog psalms, Tagalog readings, Filipino hymns, Filipino songs, Filipino psalms, Filipino readings, Pilipino hymns, Pilipino songs, Pilipino psalms, Pilipino readings for the Tagalog Eucharist, Filipino Eucharist.
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